Essential Training

Becoming a “Super Broker” requires knowledge, dedication and professionalism. Our program is designed to immerse both new and experienced insurance professionals in the art of holistic proactive risk management. Succeeding in a game, requires a complete team. We’ve separated our classes into three separate, yet equally important courses.





Just like a successful football team depends on each part of the team running smoothly, a Risk Advisor needs to make a HOLISTIC value proposition, drawing on a diverse toolset.  Providing insurance products alone is like trying to win a football game with only the defensive line.  A HOLISTIC team/value approach will set you apart as a “Super Broker”, and win your agency more business.

Each course is self-contained and lasts three days. Courses are held on a rotating basis. You can start with any course and continue in any order.


Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)

Federal and state laws require that employers confirm identity and immigration status on new employees.

Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook can be a critical tool to reduce risks, but if out of date or poorly constructed it can also increase risk.

Workers’ Compensation Experience Mod

Nearly everyone knows that their experience mod impacts their workers’ compensation costs, but few understand exactly how and the best ways to manage it.

Benefits Continuation (COBRA)

Benefits continuation is seldom given major consideration until something goes wrong at which point it’s hard to fix.

Insurance Policy Coverage Review/Exclusions

Increasingly complex policy language has made it harder than ever to ensure that coverage works as you expect.

Payroll Basics

Managing payroll is a minefield of compliance challenges. Mistakes not only create risk but can hurt employee morale.


Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Just turn on the news to see how relevant strong EEO policies, procedures and training can be.

National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)

Seemingly innocuous management practices can now lead to gigantic fines under this often-misunderstood law.

Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)

OSHA compliance is complex and 40 years after enactment, companies still face challenges.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

One of the oldest, yet most frequently violated employment laws.

Section 125/HRA/HSA

To many companies, “pre-tax” is just a box they check off in payroll, but the compliance obligations of pre-tax benefits remain complex and misunderstood.

Entities, Titles, and Insurable Interest

Structure assets and entities to avoid denied claims and protect assets.  

Special Teams

American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA)

One in three Americans have a condition that is protected under the ADA. Employers are required to ensure that these employees are afforded equal opportunity, accommodations and freedom from discrimination.

Contractual Risk Transfer-Contract audit and Additional Insured and Related Forms

Explore the interactions between contracts, (e.g.  subcontractor and tenant lease agreements) and insurance policies.

Leave/Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

In addition to FMLA, many states now require various forms of paid and unpaid leave.


The original “benefits law” still governs nearly every benefit plan offered by employers (including fully insured health plans).  


Military service members enjoy substantial protections when they leave their civilian jobs for military service.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Even a small contractor with a pickup truck and a trailer can become ensnared in DOT regulations, it isn’t just about big rigs.

ACA Measurement and Reporting

After several cycles of reporting, employers still struggle with these essential ACA compliance obligations.

Single Course

  • Any single three day course.

Three Course Pack

  • All three (3-day) courses.
  • Can be taken in the order of your choosing


Each three day course covers a range of risk management topics that are broadly applicable to a wide range of businesses.


Our course content is based on government guidance and best practices.

2. Tools

With a comprehensive risk assessment for each topic, we provide you with the tools to immediately apply what you’ve learned.

3. Application

We don’t just provide you with information, but also practical advice on how to market your services and approach prospects.

4. Support

With a subscription to the Risk Advisor Suite, you can reach out to subject matter experts for ongoing support or even leverage our experts for direct services to your clients.

*100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  We are so confident that you will be over the top excited about our offering, that the Risk Advisor Academy (RAA) provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with any of our Essential Training Courses by end of the first day, we will refund your training fee, less a 10% processing fee.  In order to get the refund, it is important that you notify us of your dissatisfaction by the end of the first day and you discontinue attending the remaining two days of the course.  Furthermore, if within the first 30-days of purchasing our Risk Advisor Suite subscription you are not 100% satisfied, we will provide a refund, less a 10% processing fee.  Any refunds will be credited back to the credit card in which the original payment was made.

We know that if we can’t meet your expectations, we don’t deserve your business.   We hope that if you do have any concerns, that you will work with us on building a program that meets and exceeds your expectations.  Thank you for putting your trust in the Risk Advisor Academy.